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You Can Take That To The Blank

Category: Uncategorized, Currency, Facts Published on 31 Oct, 2013

Behold. A dollar. But, wait- there’s more!   Or less, actually. There are a number of currency errors, including mismatching denominations ($5 front, $10 back), faulty alignments, insufficient inking, obstructed printing, and what we have here, a blank reverse. The cause of a blank reverse is usually due to 2 sheets being fed into the […]

Gemology at its Finest

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Mark examining a diamond

This week, I was privileged to interview Mark Ebert, Wilshire Coin’s expert gemologist! Here are some questions and answers about his life: Q: How long have you been in the jewelry business? A: “Since 1973 — 40 years.” Q: What got you started? A: “I took a job at King Jewelers in New Castle Pennsylvania, […]

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