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Only Love Can Save Your Heart

Category: Gold, Coins, Numismatics, Coins, Facts Published on 17 Dec, 2013

  George Dixon was a 1st Lieutenant in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He was the commander of a Confederate submarine, the H.L. Hunley. The legend around Lt. Dixon is a tale of a gold coin. His sweetheart, Queenie Bennett had given him a gold double eagle as a good luck token. It […]

Bring Home the Silver! #WCWednesdays

Category: Coins, Coins, Facts, For Sale, Silver, #WCWednesday Published on 25 Sep, 2013

This handsome stack of coins is comprised of twenty silver German 10 Marks. They were made to commemorate the 1972 Olympics in Munich. The reverse design shows a stylized German eagle. Keep in mind that these Olympics occurred when there were two Germanys- an East and West. Munich is in the West, and the first […]

Gemology at its Finest

Category: Coins, Facts, Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Designer, Vintage, Currency, Facts, Traveling, Trading, Tiffany & Co., Flatware, Flatware, Diamonds Published on 24 Sep, 2013
Mark examining a diamond

This week, I was privileged to interview Mark Ebert, Wilshire Coin’s expert gemologist! Here are some questions and answers about his life: Q: How long have you been in the jewelry business? A: “Since 1973 — 40 years.” Q: What got you started? A: “I took a job at King Jewelers in New Castle Pennsylvania, […]

Whatchoo Token About?

Category: Coins, Numismatics, Coins, Facts, Vintage, Around the Store Published on 13 Sep, 2013

  Today I had a chance to sit down with Tom, our resident Civil War Token expert, to chat about his area of expertise. He had a lot to share about the subject! Civil War tokens are tokens that were privately minted between 1861 and 1864. Tom informed me that they were not official currency- […]

Grizzly #Murica Mondays

Category: Coins, Facts, For Sale Published on 03 Sep, 2013
Murica Mondays15

Welcome to Wilshire Coin’s #Murica Mondays! #Murica is the slang term the cool kids use to talk about our  great nation online. Every week on Monday, we will showcase a unique coin from our personal vault that commemorates our country’s rich history and celebrates #Murica!! In this installment of #Murica Monday, we’re taking a look […]

Meow That’s What I Call #WCWednesday

Category: Uncategorized, Gold, Coins, Numismatics, Coins, Facts, For Sale Published on 02 Sep, 2013

Happy World Coin Wednesday, everyone! Every Wednesday, we will be featuring a strange and interesting coin from a country outside of our native US of A. Today’s World Coin comes from the Isle of Man, which is a tiny independent island between the UK and Ireland. In 1989, the mint issued the Isle of Man […]

Shah-ny Gold Coins #WCWednesday

Category: Gold, Coins, Numismatics, Coins, Facts, For Sale Published on 02 Sep, 2013

This installment of #WCWednesdays brings us this lot of two Iranian 1/2 Pahlavi Gold Coins, one from 1963 and one from 1971.   These coins depict the Shah of Iran, ruler of the Kingdom of Iran from 1941 until 1979.  Iran, historically known as Persia, has a rich history of producing gold coins.  The first gold […]

Barber Shop #Murica Mondays

Category: Uncategorized, Gold, Coins, Numismatics, Coins, Facts, For Sale Published on 02 Sep, 2013
Murica Mondays10

Hello, ‘Murica. Today is Monday, which means you get to check out cool ‘Murican Money.  The striking coin above is an 1899 Barber Silver Half Dollar.  The front (in the coin world, we call it the ‘obverse’) depicts Lady Liberty, with a laurel wreath around her head, and her hair in a Phrygian cap. The designer […]

In The Buff’ #Murica Mondays

Category: Gold, Coins, Numismatics, Coins, Facts, For Sale Published on 02 Sep, 2013

Greetings, my fellow #Muricans. Today we will be taking a look at the spectacular American Buffalo.   The American Buffalo is the first 24 kt gold coin minted by the #Murican government, starting in 2006. The design is based on the ultra popular Indian Head nickel, first issued in 1913. The designer of that coin, […]

The Most Valuable Coin In The Whole Wide World

Category: Uncategorized, Gold, Coins, Coins, Facts Published on 02 Sep, 2013
The Most Valuable Coin In The Whole Wide World

A 1933 $20 Gold Double Eagle is a rare coin. A very rare coin. A coin that should not exist. In 1933, the US dropped the Gold Standard, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt had all of the Double Eagles melted, never having been circulated. A handful managed to escape, and popped up all over the […]

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