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Timeless Cameo Jewelry

Category: Jewelry, Gold, Vintage, Diamonds Published on 04 Jan, 2014

Above is a picture of a few beautiful cameo brooches Wilshire Coin possesses, made in the late 1800’s thru the early 1900’s, Victorian / Art Deco Era. These small pieces of art are not only lovely to look at, but bring you back to a classic period of time and beauty. Cameos are works of […]

Vintage is the New Old

Category: Uncategorized, Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Designer, Vintage, Tiffany & Co., Flatware, Diamonds, Other Rare Stones Published on 04 Nov, 2013
Cartier S & P Shakers

These are our Vintage Octagonal Silver & Gold Gilded Cartier Salt & Pepper shakers! How do you know which are for pepper and which are for salt you ask? Here’s a quick tip: Pepper shakers have larger holes than do salt shakers. Therefore, the 4 with the gold-gilded tops are for pepper and the 4 silver […]

Gemology at its Finest

Category: Coins, Facts, Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Designer, Vintage, Currency, Facts, Traveling, Trading, Tiffany & Co., Flatware, Flatware, Diamonds Published on 24 Sep, 2013
Mark examining a diamond

This week, I was privileged to interview Mark Ebert, Wilshire Coin’s expert gemologist! Here are some questions and answers about his life: Q: How long have you been in the jewelry business? A: “Since 1973 — 40 years.” Q: What got you started? A: “I took a job at King Jewelers in New Castle Pennsylvania, […]

Champagne & Shopping… Hmmm

Category: Uncategorized, Gold, Silver, Designer, Vintage, Tiffany & Co., Flatware Published on 17 Sep, 2013

Last Night, Tiffany & Co. hosted her 30 year Anniversary Celebration for the Atlas Collection!  I could not help from drooling over all the immaculate jewelry inside this Beverly Hills, Tiffany & Co. location.  Here are some pictures of how the night went: Champagne & Hors D’oeuvres Glorious Titanium Tiffany   Famous Blogger, Song of […]

Whatchoo Token About?

Category: Coins, Numismatics, Coins, Facts, Vintage, Around the Store Published on 13 Sep, 2013

  Today I had a chance to sit down with Tom, our resident Civil War Token expert, to chat about his area of expertise. He had a lot to share about the subject! Civil War tokens are tokens that were privately minted between 1861 and 1864. Tom informed me that they were not official currency- […]

Wilshire Coin Joins Instagram!

Category: Gold, Silver, Designer, Vintage Published on 10 Sep, 2013

OOoOh lala.  Above is a picture of me wearing a few of my favorite pieces of jewelry housed here at the Wilshire Coin Treasure Chest!  It is also the profile picture of our brand new INSTAGRAM PAGE!  Follow us to see more personal, day to day pictures of the everyday life here @ Wilshire Coin […]

Tiffany did it again….

Category: Silver, Designer, Vintage, Tiffany & Co. Published on 10 Sep, 2013

Tiffany and Company is a historic business, dating back to 1837, when it was started by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young.  Since then, Tiffany jewelry has created classic, unique pieces that are loved all over the world. Wilshire Coin especially loves Tiffany! Take a look at our Tiffany items that went live on […]

Je t’aime… the french way

Category: Jewelry, Gold, Vintage Published on 02 Sep, 2013
Je t’aime…. The French Way

  Every Tuesday, we will be sharing interesting facts, tips, and insights about all kinds of jewelry! It is this kind of information that makes jewelry so much more exciting and valuable. Today we bring you French Hallmarks!! Above is a picture of our Cultured Pearl and 18kt  Yellow Gold Floral Brooch.  What makes this […]

Eye see you

Category: Jewelry, Gold, Vintage Published on 02 Sep, 2013
Eye See You

Today,  I modeled this beauty around the office.  Jaws dropped left and right, and Kade even fell to his knees and called me princess! This Italian made choker is designed from 5 rows of cultured pearls, 68 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately 2.5 ct total, VS / G-H, as well as 1 cabochon emerald, 1 ruby and 1 sapphire weighing approximately 2.5 ct […]

Queen Victoria’s dramatic jewelry lives on

Category: Jewelry, Gold, Vintage Published on 30 Aug, 2013
Queen Victoria’s Dramatic Jewelry Lives on

We have acquired an awesome piece of jewelry from the 1800′s!   Above is a picture of what is known as a “Victorian Jet and Seed Pearl Mourning Brooch.” And the history behind it is fascinating: This brooch was designed during the Victorian Era, lasting from 1837-1901.  In 1861, Queen Victoria of England lost the […]

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