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The Most Valuable Coin In The Whole Wide World

Category: Uncategorized, Gold, Coins, Coins, Facts Published on 02 Sep, 2013
The Most Valuable Coin In The Whole Wide World

A 1933 $20 Gold Double Eagle is a rare coin. A very rare coin. A coin that should not exist. In 1933, the US dropped the Gold Standard, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt had all of the Double Eagles melted, never having been circulated. A handful managed to escape, and popped up all over the […]

Viva Los #WCWednesdays

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Hello, hello. For today’s #WCWednesday we will be taking a look at a 1946 Mexican 50 Pesos Gold Cenetenario.   The obverse features the Angel of Independence, with a laurel wreath in her right hand, and broken chains in her left. These coins were first minted in 1921 to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of […]

Let your Cameo make the appearance

Category: Uncategorized Published on 02 Sep, 2013

Cameos are works of miniature sculptured art; pictures carved into shell, gemstones, or precious stones.  Cameos often depict the profile of a woman, but other types of pictures exist.  The meaning behind cameo is somewhat lost in history but since the 4th century B.C. queens, kings, and collectors have acquired the classic cameo jewelry.  Today, […]

Hello Dolly! #Murica Mondays

Category: Uncategorized Published on 02 Sep, 2013

Ahoy-hoy, chaps. Today is Monday, and Monday means it’s time to take a look at #Murica. #Murica has always had a President (except for in the beginning, when we briefly toyed with the idea of having a King, but that’s besides the point.) Almost every President has had a special lady in his life- The […]

Eye Of The Tiger #WCWednesdays

Category: Uncategorized Published on 30 Aug, 2013

WORLD COIN WEDNESDAYS!!! WOOO!!! Sorry. I’m a little excited about this one. Today we’re looking at a really sweet Australian Lunar Tiger $100 gold bullion coin. The Perth Mint began their second series of coins depicting the twelve animals of the Chinese Lunar calendar, the coolest of which is the Tiger.

Benny Penny

Category: Uncategorized Published on 30 Aug, 2013

Benny has been up all night to get lucky. Any guesses as to what this bad boy is all about?  

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