Ancient Indian Jewellery

Category: Uncategorized Published on 10 Oct, 2013
India's Mughal Jewelry

Today I sat down with a delicious cup of green tea and read Rapaport’s article “Mughal Magnificence.” Magnificent it was.  The author, Amber Michelle, explains that the elaborate and fascinating jewelry made during the Mughal period in India, which spanned from 1526 to 1857, left behind a legacy of art that is unique and iconic to Indian culture.

Mughal Jewelry is exotic and beautiful, using great amounts of emeralds and Golconda diamonds.

“The Mughal style of jewelry combined enameling and Islamic motifs of flowers, paisley and birds with the Hindu style of goldwork and the generous use of precious stones” (Rapaport Journal). Enameling in Mughal jewelry is done in  a combination of vibrant shades of red, blue and green with white. Gorgeous pink and white enameling, like the elephant bangle on the cover of this magazine, was only done in Banaras- the oldest and holiest city in India. How lovely!

Mughal style earrings

So, not only does the most delicious food in the world come from the Indian culture, but immaculate, amazing, colorful jewelry does too!

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