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Today, we would like to encourage you to take some necessary steps to brighten up your jewelry collection.  Its time to stop neglecting your sterling silver Tiffany necklace you haven’t seen in years because it cant seem to shine how it used to.  It’s not Tiffany’s fault, its yours!  Bring that gorgeous necklace you love back to life with these 5 easy steps.


jew 2


Step 1:  Purchase e-Zest coin cleaner and a double sided polishing cloth.  These items can be bought on Amazon for less than 10 bucks and they are your secret weapons for resurrecting your jewelry.

Step 2:  *For gold, silver, and diamonds* (check with expert if you wish to clean any other type of metal or precious stone)

You will need latex gloves, as cleaning solution is tough on skin.  You may wish to use a toothbrush for cleaning as well.

By the sink, lay out a dry paper towel.  Dip your piece of jewelry in e-Zest cleaning solution and leave in for a minute or two, depending on the piece.  If you wish, scrub with toothbrush, but be careful not to cause scratches.

Step 3:  Immediately wash thoroughly with water.  If cleaning solution is left on the piece, it will eat away at the metal.  Lay on paper towel to dry.

Step 4: Once jewelry is dried, whip out your handy polishing cloth!  Use the rouge side first to buff out the piece, and finish it off with the beige side to bring to a beautiful shine.

Step 5:  Smile!  Your jewelry now looks brand new!!

Here is a before and after picture of one of our Tiffany necklaces.

Our Secret for Cleaning Jewelry

Before cleaning

Our Secret for Cleaning Jewelry after


These steps make the world of difference!  Try it out!

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