Reportable Transactions and How Wilshire Coin Deals With Them

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At Wilshire Coin we comply 100%, with NO EXCEPTIONS, with all US reportable transaction laws mandated under the Bank Secrecy Act, The USA PATRIOT Act, and by FINCEN, California State Government, Santa Monica City Government, and Wilshire Coin store policy. Please note the following scenarios:

1. If you chose to pay for a transaction of $10,000 USD or more with cash you will be asked for a valid government picture ID,  Social Security Number, and your present occupation. If you want to do a transaction over $10,000 and do not wish to give out your social security information you have the option to pay with a Personal Check or Cashiers Check (with a value greater than $10,000).

2. WHEN SELLING JEWELRY TO US: You must present a government photo ID when selling ANY amount of gold,silver, or platinum jewelry or jewelry scrap. You will also be asked to provide a right thumb fingerprint. We do not keep this info on file so we will have to do this every time you do a jewelry transaction. Just to be clear, this is for JEWELRY related transactions only!

3. Any Foreign Exchange transaction with a value of $1000 USD or more will require a government issued ID and Social Security number. Any transaction of $10000 USD or more will additionally require the customers occupation regardless of the form of payment.

4. When you are selling a certain threshold of bullion products to us, you will be asked for a government issued ID as well as a Social Security number and present occupation. This list of reportable products is as follows:

  • Bars / Rounds
    • Gold
      • Min. Fineness = .995
      • Any size bars or rounds totaling 32.15oz or more
    • Silver
      • Min. Fineness = .999
      • Any size bars or rounds totaling 1000oz or more
    • Platinum
      • Min. Fineness = .9995
      • Any size bars or rounds totaling 25oz or more
    • Palladium
      • Min. Fineness = .9995
      • Any size bars or rounds totaling 100oz or more
  • 1oz Government Minted Gold Coins
    • Canadian 1oz Gold Maple Leaf
      • 25 1oz coins
    • South African 1oz Gold Kruggerand
      • 25 1oz coins
    • Mexican 1oz Onza
      • 25 1oz coins
  • Pre-1964 US 90% coins
    • Combined Face Value of $1000 or more

A sale of a precious metal (gold, silver, platinum, or palladium) in any form for which the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has not approved trading by Regulated Futures Contract (RFC) is not reportable. Further, even if the sale is of a precious metal in a form for which the CFTC has approved trading by RFC the sale in not reportable if the quantity by weight or by number of items is less than the minimum required quantity to satisfy a CFTC-approved RFC.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 310-393-0661 or contact us via our website.

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