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Bank Wiring Funds To and From Wilshire Coin

Category: Uncategorized Published on 28 Jul, 2015

Do you want to fund a trade or take payment for something you are selling us with a Bank Wire? No problem – just ask! If you want to expedite the process you can follow the link below, fill out this form and either email it to or FAX it to (310) 451-2553 […]

Reportable Transactions and How Wilshire Coin Deals With Them

Category: Uncategorized Published on 06 Jul, 2015

At Wilshire Coin we comply 100%, with NO EXCEPTIONS, with all US reportable transaction laws mandated under the Bank Secrecy Act, The USA PATRIOT Act, and by FINCEN, California State Government, Santa Monica City Government, and Wilshire Coin store policy. Please note the following scenarios: 1. If you chose to pay for a transaction of […]

Timeless Cameo Jewelry

Category: Jewelry, Gold, Vintage, Diamonds Published on 04 Jan, 2014

Above is a picture of a few beautiful cameo brooches Wilshire Coin possesses, made in the late 1800’s thru the early 1900’s, Victorian / Art Deco Era. These small pieces of art are not only lovely to look at, but bring you back to a classic period of time and beauty. Cameos are works of […]

Only Love Can Save Your Heart

Category: Gold, Coins, Numismatics, Coins, Facts Published on 17 Dec, 2013

  George Dixon was a 1st Lieutenant in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He was the commander of a Confederate submarine, the H.L. Hunley. The legend around Lt. Dixon is a tale of a gold coin. His sweetheart, Queenie Bennett had given him a gold double eagle as a good luck token. It […]

Yellow Diamond in the Light

Category: Jewelry, Gold, Designer, Diamonds, Other Rare Stones Published on 21 Nov, 2013
Yellow Diamond Ring

Like a crystallized sun-drop, this 5.44 carat Fancy Yellow Diamond is enchanting beyond words. Custom designed, the massive stone was brought to life when an 18kt yellow gold border was added to accentuate its natural, undeniable beauty. Afterwards, the stone found its home mounted upon a platinum band, adorned in diamonds endless. This diamond has […]

Vintage is the New Old

Category: Uncategorized, Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Designer, Vintage, Tiffany & Co., Flatware, Diamonds, Other Rare Stones Published on 04 Nov, 2013
Cartier S & P Shakers

These are our Vintage Octagonal Silver & Gold Gilded Cartier Salt & Pepper shakers! How do you know which are for pepper and which are for salt you ask? Here’s a quick tip: Pepper shakers have larger holes than do salt shakers. Therefore, the 4 with the gold-gilded tops are for pepper and the 4 silver […]

You Can Take That To The Blank

Category: Uncategorized, Currency, Facts Published on 31 Oct, 2013

Behold. A dollar. But, wait- there’s more!   Or less, actually. There are a number of currency errors, including mismatching denominations ($5 front, $10 back), faulty alignments, insufficient inking, obstructed printing, and what we have here, a blank reverse. The cause of a blank reverse is usually due to 2 sheets being fed into the […]

Ancient Indian Jewellery

Category: Uncategorized Published on 10 Oct, 2013
India's Mughal Jewelry

Today I sat down with a delicious cup of green tea and read Rapaport’s article “Mughal Magnificence.” Magnificent it was.  The author, Amber Michelle, explains that the elaborate and fascinating jewelry made during the Mughal period in India, which spanned from 1526 to 1857, left behind a legacy of art that is unique and iconic […]

Jewelry’s Secret Powers

Category: Uncategorized, Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Designer, Diamonds, Other Rare Stones Published on 01 Oct, 2013

Today, jewelry is created and worn all over the world containing almost every type of stone, gem, or crystal possibly imagined.  What becomes interesting, however, is the covert meaning and significance behind rare stones and crystals. Ancient doctors, as well as present day practitioners, believe certain stones and crystals to have healing qualities inherent in […]

Bring Home the Silver! #WCWednesdays

Category: Coins, Coins, Facts, For Sale, Silver, #WCWednesday Published on 25 Sep, 2013

This handsome stack of coins is comprised of twenty silver German 10 Marks. They were made to commemorate the 1972 Olympics in Munich. The reverse design shows a stylized German eagle. Keep in mind that these Olympics occurred when there were two Germanys- an East and West. Munich is in the West, and the first […]

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